Focused teams that serve our Association.

In order to increase the activities and improve value added to its members, the Board of Directors of AmCham Cyprus has created various subcommittees open to all members. The purpose of the subcommittees is primarily to create small focus groups of interested individuals who can help achieve the scope and mandate of AmCham Cyprus, which among others is to promote and enhance the trade and economic relations between the two countries.

The subcommittees are as follows:

  • Events and Communications

The purpose of the Committee is twofold:

  • To communicate with the members of the other two committees, advise the board, and organize quality events for AmCham that will further enhance its image, and,
  • To strengthen and contribute to the Associations’ digital communication channels (i.e. facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, web page, etc).

The members of the committee are: 

  • Tax, Law and Regulation

The Committee:

  • Follows the tax, legal and regulative developments both in Cyprus and the USA and informs the Board of major developments that would require its attention;
  • Advices the Events and Communications Committee for possible subjects to be included in future events;
  • Identifies official sources of information to rely upon on its studies;
  • Communicates where useful with government and other Organisations to provide AmCham’s position on relevant future changes on Tax and other Laws and regulations;
  • Continuously pursue the updating of the Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and the USA. 

The members of the committee are: 

  • Economy and Education Committee

The Economy and Education Committee concentrates on developments of the US economy and how these affect Cyprus. It looks into various industries such as Banking, Funds, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, IT and IP. The Committee promotes Entrepreneurship and primarily concentrates on how young (and other) Cyprus entrepreneurs could initiate business in the USA.  This is an area that we could closely work with the Cyprus US Chamber and possibly educational institutions and other companies in Cyprus that promote innovation and young entrepreneurship. The Committee leads AmCham in creating relationships with local educational institutions with ties with the USA and seeks cooperation.

The members of the committee are: